History of the Welsh language

History of the Welsh language

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Share shares English has a grammatical toolkit for situating actions in time: As a result, German speakers tend to specify the beginnings, middles, and ends of events, but English speakers often leave out the endpoints and focus in on the action. Looking at the same scene, for example, German speakers might say, ‘A man leaves the house and walks to the store,’ whereas an English speaker would just say, ‘A man is walking.

The University of Edinburgh detected a pattern of slower mental decline among the bilingual in a group of born in They were given an intelligence test in at the age of 11, then retested in their early 70s between and A total of participants could communicate in at least one language other than English.

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Origins[ edit ] Welsh evolved from British , the Celtic language spoken by the ancient Britons. It is not clear when Welsh became distinct. Jackson suggested that the evolution in syllabic structure and sound pattern was complete by around , and labeled the period between then and about “Primitive Welsh”. Jackson, however, believed that the two varieties were already distinct by that time. However, much of this poetry was supposedly composed in the Hen Ogledd, raising further questions about the dating of the material and language in which it was originally composed.

Old Welsh The next main period, somewhat better attested, is Old Welsh Hen Gymraeg, 9th to 11th centuries ; poetry from both Wales and Scotland has been preserved in this form of the language. As Germanic and Gaelic colonisation of Great Britain proceeded, the Brythonic speakers in Wales were split off from those in northern England, speaking Cumbric , and those in the south-west, speaking what would become Cornish , and so the languages diverged.

The Book of Aneirin Canu Aneirin, c. Middle Welsh Middle Welsh Cymraeg Canol is the label attached to the Welsh of the 12th to 14th centuries, of which much more remains than for any earlier period. This is the language of nearly all surviving early manuscripts of the Mabinogion , although the tales themselves are certainly much older.

It is also the language of the existing Welsh law manuscripts. Middle Welsh is reasonably intelligible, albeit with some work, to a modern-day Welsh speaker.

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Executive function is the brain’s control room, from which it organises the rest of the brain, leading to better learning capabilities, problem solving, memory and other skills, said researchers. In their studies, babies listened to words spoken in both Spanish and English, which is common in America. The bilingual babies showed stronger responses in the prefrontal cortex illustrated in yellow and orbitofrontal cortex of the brain, which largely govern executive function In Britain, second or third generation immigrants may learn English alongside Asian languages and increasingly, East European languages, for instance.

Her team looked at 16 infants aged 11 months, half from bilingual homes and half from monolingual ones. Their brain activity was monitored using special headsets that register magnetic changes in nerve cells in response to 18 minutes of speech sounds. The bilingual babies showed stronger responses in the prefrontal cortex and orbitofrontal cortex of the brain, which largely govern executive function.

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The findings correlate with prefrontal cortex brain activity networks, which direct the highest levels of thinking and awareness. Compared to monolinguals, the studied bilingual children, who had had five to ten years of bilingual exposure, averaged higher scores in cognitive performance on tests and had greater attention focus, distraction resistance, decision-making , judgment and responsiveness to feedback.

The correlated neuroimaging fMRI scans of these children revealed greater activity in the prefrontal cortex networks directing these and other executive functions. This increased executive function activation in the brains of children in bilingual settings extends beyond the translation of language intake and output. The powerful implications of the new research are about brainpower enhanced by growing up bilingual.

These are a constellation of cognitive abilities that support goal-oriented behavior including directing attentive focus, prioritizing, planning, self-monitoring, inhibitory control, judgment, working memory maintenance and manipulation of information , and analysis. It is not during the first months or even years of life that the brain undergoes its greatest changes with regard to cognition.

Executive functions such as selective attentive focus and the ability to block out distraction are typically minimally developed in childhood.

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The current legal order in China is completely new from an ideological point of view, coming into existence after the Kuomingtang KMT government was abolished, and its leader defeated by the Communist Party in However, certain traditional influences, for instance, the ethical nature of the law reflecting the teachings of Confucianism, a school of thought dating back over two thousand years ago in Chinese history, remain distinct features of the law of the PRC.

The present legal framework, which was officially established in , was based on Marxism and Leninism.

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Tammy Law In so doing it has revealed that the line between budget accounting and creative accounting is thin. Let’s start with what in accounting passes as theory. There are two main ways you can measure the financial performance of an “entity” such as a business or a government: To this day, the budget papers are written in two different financial languages. The private sector has been using accrual accounting for more than a century , whereas Australia’s public sector moved from cash to accrual only in , after the United Nations Statistical Commission shifted the national accounts framework to an accrual basis in and the Australian Bureau of Statistics complied.

The cash basis measures the government’s financial performance merely by comparing the cash it received during a period — usually a financial year — with the cash it paid out during the period. By contrast, the accrual basis puts much effort into ensuring the incomings and outgoing are properly “matched”, so they are allocated to the accounting period to which they rightly apply.

If, say, on the last day of the year you paid for an insurance policy to cover you for the following year, an adjustment would be made to shift that cost to the following year’s accounts. It stuck with cash, making the debatable argument that recognising government transactions according to when the cash changed hands gives a better indication of those transactions’ effect on the macro economy.

It couldn’t admit the real reason. The cash basis leaves much more scope for creative accounting: Split languages So, to this day, the budget papers are written in two different financial languages. The bit prepared by Treasury is written in cash, whereas the much bigger bit prepared by the Finance department is written in accrual — as it’s supposed to be.

There’s the “underlying cash” balance the one Treasury wants us to focus on , the “headline cash” balance please don’t ask questions about this one , the “fiscal” balance the close accrual equivalent of underlying cash and, buried up the back, the accrual-based “net operating balance”.


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