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Cj99 Favorites

She lives in a yellow house with Mayor Meanswell, her uncle. Recognizable by her all-pink outfit, Stephanie is initially disappointed by Ziggy, Stingy, Trixie and Pixel, her friends’ laziness and coaxes them to partake in healthier activities. Her attempts are often nearly thwarted by Robbie Rotten, but Stephanie is eternally optimistic and always manages to triumph over any challenges in the end. He resides in a futuristic blue airship above LazyTown and is alerted to impending people who need help by a beeping crystal that glows on the chest of his costume. Understanding, humble, courageous, and helpful, he is devoted to exercise and has a rivalry with Robbie Rotten though he always helps Robbie when he gets into trouble. Sportacus lives on a diet of fruit and vegetables , which he refers to as “sports candy”. Eating junk food makes him immediately lose all his strength and abilities, which can only be restored by eating healthier options. He passionately abhors the influence of Stephanie and Sportacus on the townspeople and a number of his plans involve attempting to do away with them. Ironically, Robbie places so much effort into his schemes that he becomes one of LazyTown’s most active citizens. He loves to eat candy and sweets—particularly lollipops and taffy.

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He’ll get many customers and money, but he’ll have to deal with the effects of stupidity like Princess Daisy’s farting, Toadette’s innocently cute antics, high quality Siivagunner nonsense, plus Dry Bowser and Petey Piranha. Expecting anything out of this fanfic? The characters of the Mario franchise write letters; sometimes they’re asking questions, being smart alecks, or being just plain stupid!

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We’re an unofficial community of fans and a place to share Undertale fanwork. You might even make friends. But what will you do if you meet a relentless killer? Undertale is created by Toby Fox, who is a dog. Deltarune Chapter 1 is a free download for Windows and Mac. Deltarune fanwork and discussion are welcome. Blue stop signs NEW: Deltarune is no longer covered by the spoiler rule.

Spoilers are anything after Asgore or anything seen only in a non-neutral route. Avoid spoilers in your post titles.

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It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan.

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AMA Responses Question – And as for my not so serious question. When are the official DDLC body pillows coming to the shop? Answer – Yes, I have used real-life experiences as the basis for Sayori’s behavior, as well as various traits that the other club members exhibit. I think because of that, it felt very natural for me to write the characters like I did, with those kinds of conflicts. I was very moved when I found out how strongly people related to some of the characters’ insecurities, and I think that wouldn’t have been possible had I not been so closely acquainted with similar people in my own life.

Answer – If you are the sort of person who strives to be someone deserving of Monika’s love, then that’s what she loves about you.

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Now the come to the point. But I find a particular thing about this game is that whoever becomes the president of the club will get the power as well as the knowledge of the whole character and game story. Vice President comes with a obsession that game is forced to love the Main character that is you. Now how Monika becomes evil? First of all even she is President, she is supposed to be on sidelines. This not only make her sad but also lonely and mad. Almost like an Yandere type mad.

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It featured Stephanie as an out-of-shape dancer and Sportacus as an energetic elf. The puppet characters seen in the television series also appeared in human form, but Robbie Rotten did not yet exist. Nickelodeon Australia reported that by the time the second play finished touring, LazyTown had become a household name in Iceland.

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Aug 9, My rp: I was only nine years old. I loved Shrek so much, I owned all the movies and merchandise. I pray to Shrek every night, thanking him for the life I have been given. My dad hears me and calls me a faggot. He is obviously jealous of my devotion to Shrek. I call him a cunt.

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Here , where an Illegal Drag Race is cut short by one of the cars pulping itself on a tank. A series of commercials from and are ads for Disney Channel but are set up at first to make the viewer think they’re about something else like a teen running home to go to the bathroom, or a group of teens running in horror like they’re trying to escape something. They always ended with someone Breaking the Fourth Wall and saying, “What’d you expect?

Halfway through the dinner, the “girlfriend” admits that there’s something the man should know in advance about their relationship One PSA starts with a bunch of teens playing pool.

“Wait! Wait, (Y/N)!” You had heard. A turn of your head caught the sight of Poe in full flight gear, jogging to catch up with you as you searched for Lieutenant Connix.

Metroid Prime Review In my life, there are two types of games: My enjoyment of a video game is a tad more finicky than the average player, as my expectations revolve around not only the core gameplay, but the impact the game has on my emotional fortitude. Most often, this comes down to the story or characters that are involved within a particular game. Of course, games can also rely too much on these aspects, leaving a mess of a product trying too hard to appeal to every interest the gamer has in mind.

Sometimes, the most subtle exposition gives meaning to the epic of adventure. My first contact came when I was visiting my cousin, who had just gotten the game.

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